How it works

It's quite simple yet very impactful. Like having a secondary inbox for all the email you don't need to see right away.

Do I need to use a different email client?

No. Inbox Airlock integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account. You can keep using the Gmail web UI, Gmail mobile app, Outlook, Apple Mail, Superhuman, Thunderbird, or any other email client you prefer.

How will my Gmail change?

  • Your incoming email will land in one of two different places. Your Inbox is for important email, and your ##Airlock is for the rest.
  • No email will be deleted or lost - if it's not in your Inbox, check ##Airlock.
  • Not using Gmail UI? No problem, ##Airlock is just a label, so you can find airlocked email like you find any other label.

What lands in your Inbox

  • Emails from people you've corresponded with before
  • Senders and domains you've explicitly allowed to your Inbox (we'll explain how to do that below)
  • Invoices, tickets, appointment confirmations, and other transactional emails

What will get quarantined under the ##Airlock label

  • New, unknown senders
  • Newsletters, Updates, Promotions etc
  • Everything you've explicitly kicked out of your Inbox

Allowing senders to your Inbox

  • Open an email and apply one of the action labels:
    > invite-to-inbox > invite-domain-to-inbox
  • That's it, this and all future emails from the sender will land in your Inbox.
  • A "domain" is a part of an email address after the @ sign. So allowing a domain for will allow <ANYONE> to your Inbox.

Kicking a sender to ##Airlock

  • To remove a sender from your Inbox permanently, apply one of the action labels:
    >kick-to-airlock >kick-domain-to-airlock
  • That's it, this and all future emails from the sender will land in your ##Airlock

Should I change how I use email?

  • Check your main Inbox like you did before
  • Check Airlocked email by clicking the "Airlock" label once a day/week
  • Slowly fall in love with your email again!

What if I forget to check Airlocked email?

  • First of all: don't worry. We forget it all the time ourselves.
  • Inbox Airlock can remind you to check your Airlock folder if you haven't done it in a while
  • You can also choose to receive a summary of Airlocked emails daily

Stay in control.
Initiate Airlock.