Enough Email

Protect your organization from unwanted email

Wave goodbye to cold sellers, unwanted recruiters and services that you can't unsubscribe from, no matter how hard you try.
A happy person meditating over boxes with email text
This legacy service has now been replaced by Inbox Airlock.
*Google Workspace Admin role is required for initial setup

Why Enough Email?

No peeking

Enough Email works by creating Gmail filters for your entire organization. This means it does not need access to anyone's inbox.

Extremely simple UI

No software to install, no website to log in to. Forward an unwanted email sample to one of our filter inboxes to set up filters that protect everyone in your organisation.

Keep your setup

Everyone can keep using their favourite email app - Gmail, Outlook, Mail for iPhone, Superhuman - you name it.

Ready to declutter everyone's inbox?